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What You Should Not Do When Buying A New Car

By John G. Nuble

For people who have failed their mechanical aptitude test, the difference between a handbrake and the fender would probably be something that needs consulting in the dictionary. Buying a new car is never easy but for some it can even rival the SAT.

With hundreds of articles handing out tips in buying a new car, you should know by now what you should look for, what you should bring and what else you should do, but do you know what you should not do when buying that new car you want?

Never go without knowing what you want.

In buying a new car, it is not uncommon to have one or two choices but please keep it at that. Having more than two choices will spell not only trouble for your pocket but also a waste of your time. Knowing what you want when buying a new car will give you the confidence to talk to car dealers plus it will also enable you to ask questions specific to the car model. This will also allow you to do some research before hitting the stores. Believe this, there is no one dubious car dealers want more than buyers who do not have an idea what they want when buying a new car.

Never negotiate for something that you know nothing of

When haggling with dealers, do not negotiate until you have already canvassed the price. This is a no no in buying a new car. If you have no time to scout for car prices, you can always go to your car dealer’s websites or even ask friends and people you work with. Just tell them you are buying a new car and they will be more than happy to help. That way, you know what the bottomline and you know whether that bottomline can fit your budget.

Never let on that you absolutely need the car

Attitude is the name of the game when buying a new car. Remember that dealers need you more than you need them, so don’t act as if the car is the last of its model on earth (unless it’s vintage). In buying a new car, do it with professional savvy. Never let on that you are desperate for their product or that their price is the lowest you have seen in a hundred miles radius. Be cool when buying a new car and you’ll surely get a cool deal.

Never let one dealer buy you a car from another dealer

While others do this because of the absolute lack of time, it is still not advisable especially if you are buying a new car for the first time. Some dealers may not only try to sell you the car at a higher price, they might even try to scam you. If you absolutely have to do it, do not sign anything or put down a deposit until you have seen the product in the flesh.

Never take on add-on fees until you have reviewed them

Scammers plague people who are buying a new car for the first time. Because they know that you don’t have much experience in buying a new car, dealers will sometimes put on additional somethings to the final cost of the car such as “rustproofing,” “environmental prep,” and a host of others. Beware of this first-time buyer scams.

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