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Tips In Buying The Ultimate Car At Low Cost

By John G. Nuble

You don’t really need to be the ultimate car geek to figure out the ins and outs of savings when buying a new car. You just need some car buying tips, a calculator, a notepad and pen and mental savvy to play the cost game with a couple of car dealers.

To set you on the road to the car that you’ve always wanted without the burden of high costs, here are some car buying tips guaranteed to lighten your path.

Car buying tip #1: Do your price homework.

In order to get the best deal, you have to first determine what the fair price is for the car that you want and what the car costs in various car dealers. Researching for the fair price can be a bit tricky as all dealers would have different prices. One way to do this is to log on to websites such as,,, AutoWeb,, and AutoUSA and see what their prices are. After comparing, you will have a fairly good idea how it costs.

Car buying tip #2: Price is not everything

While price is the motor that would keep your car buying running, it is not the only thing that you should consider. Most car dealers would have a promo of some sort whether it be a free service, free parts or lower interest rates in financing. Look at this also along with the price. One may have lower prices but may not offer the same package.

Car buying tip #3: Compare and tell

Having done your price homework, you can now use the data to haggle with car dealers. Tell each of them that you are looking at the prices of several dealers. Quote some prices to make them believe you. Knowing this, they will give you their lowest possible price and may even offer some good deals just to prevent you from buying your car at their competitor.

Car buying tip #4: Budget. Budget. Budget

Knowing how much you can shell out and sticking to it can help you in negotiating for a better price. This is one car buying tip that most buyers forget. Remember, dealers can sense your indecision and may not give you the best price that they have in the house.

Car buying tip #5: Secure your finances

Car dealers are not the only ones who can offer great financial deals. You can get a loan from your bank or even from online lenders like Capital One Auto Finance and E-loan.

Car buying tip #6: Consider trade-in

When you have an old car and you will not be using it anymore, consider trading it in to lessen the costs of the other car. Figure its trade-in value and start from there. Some dealers accept trade in but oftentimes, you can get a better deal selling your old car privately.

Car buying tip #7: Allow for a time leeway

Buying a car at the last minute will not only cut off the possibilities of doing research and waiting for better deals but it will also make you quite desperate to buy one. Desperation in any car dealers’ book equals high costs.

Car buying tip #8: Ask for rebates and rewards

When you pay in cash, car dealers offer special discounts, rebates or rewards. Make sure that you ask your car dealer about them as some can “conveniently” forget about them until after you are out the door.

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