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Things to look for when buying car stereo speakers.

By Roger Charles

1. How is the speaker's power measured?

Pay close attention to the amount of power the speaker can handle. This is particularly important when dealing with woofers, since they require more power to play loudly. Look out for models where the manufacturers exaggerate power. Ensure that power is measures in RMS. Be very wary of terms like "music power" and "peak power". These terms mean nothing when it comes to measuring power.

2. How sensitive is the speaker?

The more sensitive a speaker is, the less power required to play it. If a speaker is insensitive it will require a lot more power to play at the same volume. If you're using an amplifier you don't have much to worry about. But sensitivity becomes a bigger issue when you're using your head unit to power your speakers. Head units have less power so they require speakers that are more sensitive.

3. Are you buying the right size speakers?

The size of your speaker is very important. They should be able to fit in the proper locations. Ensure that your midrange speakers can fit in the door or dash spaces or else you may have to do some cutting. Do you have enough room in your trunk for your woofer to fit? Ensure that tweeters can be mounted in a location where they fire almost directly at you.

4. What type of enclosure is best for your subwoofers?

Woofers generate a back wave behind them. They should never be mounted in free air space. If this is done the sound they produced at the front will be cancelled out by the backwave. As a result they will produce no bass. Hence the need for enclosures. You can choose between many types of enclosures.

One popular choice is the ported box. The woofer is mounted in the box with a hole in it and a port tube attached to the hole.

There's another technique where two chambers are used. The woofer is mounted in one chamber inside the box and fires into another chamber that is ported to the outside.

Another method uses the speaker's trunk as an enclosure.

The sealed enclosure is the most popular. The back wave is surpressed inside the box and the speaker fires inside the car.

All of these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose one that is best for your situation. Be sure to inform yourself about enclosures before making a selection.

Ordering your car stereo speakers online is quick and easy. Before buying them check out some online reviews. Find out what customers like yourself think of the speaker you want to buy. You can order your speakers online today.

About the author:
Roger Charles is a successful author and publisher of http://car-stereos-guide.comA resource for information and tips on buying car stereo and audio products online.

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