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The RULE that SAVES!

By Maricon Williams

We are governed by rules. These rules make everything in order. They put every piece of the puzzle on the right place. If we dare violate the same, we are subject to its irate consequences.
Rules are everywhere. They exist even in streets. In fact, a number of them must be practiced by heart so as not to cause injury or damage to others and to oneself as well.
To refresh our fallible mind with the rules of the road, here is the list of the essential rules:
1. Follow traffic rules. Bully riders are oblivion of their duties to follow these rules. They brag, they show off and so they are more often than not, a habitual hospital detainee.
2. Be cautious of huge vehicles and the driving styles of their drivers. Dump trucks, tractors, buses and the rest of the humongous vehicles can not stop at an instant. So better keep a safe distance between any vehicles especially the huge ones. It is hard to take chances and take over a truck at a stop light.
3. Remember that the left lane is for passing. If you intend to pass, do it safe and fast. In connection to this rule, some of the states have laws that do not allow driving in the left lane so that it can be exclusively used for passing.
4. Apply turn signals. A lot of riders are not using these signals when they are making a turn or move. As a result of being not informed speed and control of the other driver is rough that it leads to some bumps and mishaps.
5. If someone is trying to join and mess with you in the high way and you have a room, you can opt to move to the left lane. By this you can avoid a viable accident.
6. Part of being safe on the road is to wear protective motorcycle apparel. These gears guard you against pricks, injuries, fall, limps and fatal wounds. Having them in your body gives you a chance to continue seeing and living the world!
Aside from the foregoing rules, there is a rule that outshines the rest. This can be your life-saver. This can be your saving grace! The rule is: In a place where people are driving on the right lane, avoid entering intersections without another vehicle on the right lane. It is safe entering intersections this way. This may seem tame but this way is safer.

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