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How to determine the correct hubcap, wheel size

By Kurt Reis

It's perplexing, you loose a hubcap. You start surfing the web for what seems like an easy task of replacing it. Your sure you know the right size because you measured it, but this website is saying your hubcap is a different size.

One would think the simplest way to determine the size of an item would be to break out the old tape measure and measure it...right? Well...for most items this is true but not in the case of hubcaps, wheel covers or wheel rims.

Measuring of wheels and hubcaps in the automotive world is done differently. It all corresponds to the tire size of the vehicle. If you look at the side of a tire on any vehicle, there will be a series of numbers ending in R14, R15, R16, etc. This final number will tell you what size wheel or hubcap you need.

For example, you have a 2001 Toyota Corolla and you need to replace the hubcap. You look on the side of the tire and find a number similar to this "P175/65/R14". What this number tells you is that you need a 14" hubcap or wheels. By physically measuring the hubcap, you would get a measurement of a little over 15" and this is where the confusion comes into play. Always go be the size printed on the tire and you can't go wrong.

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About the author:
Kurt is the VP and general manager of Hubcap Heaven and Wheels in Cleveland, Ohio.

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