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All you need to know about pick-up trucks

By suwan k

Although diesel prices have shot up to about Bt23 per litre, cars with diesel engines are still more popular than their petrol-driven counterparts due to their durability and functionality in varying weather conditions. This is thanks to the lack of a high-powered ignition system.

In Thailand, diesel-powered pickups will enjoy continued popularity for decades to come. Motorists, especially in the provinces, need vehicles that can tackle varying road conditions and carry lots of cargo and people. Thus we see pickups being modified for many purposes and hence classified into several vehicle categories.

I'm interested car in the Mitsubishi Strada. I want to know whether it is a good choice for driving to work as well as driving back to my hometown that is about 400 km from Bangkok once a month. On the way back I need to carry lots of OTOP products weighing about 500-700 kg.

You should have mentioned whether you are interested in the 2.5 or the 2.8-litre engine. Anyway, I recommend the 2.9-litre 4M40 engine because the fuel economy is about the same as the 2.5-litre, but itís more durable. It also uses a chain-type timing belt, which lasts much longer than the belt type so you donít have to worry about replacing the timing belt. The body and suspension is similar.

If you are not in a hurry to get the Strada, I strongly suggest you wait another one to two months for the new Mitsubishi Triton pickup which will be available with 2.5-litre direct injection, 2.5-litre common-rail and 3.2-litre 4M41 DOHC 16-valve common-rail engines. The design has been totally revamped.

So if you can, itís much better to wait and see how the new truck is. You can get the information from test drives in your preferred newspaper and then make the decision.

I have a 1993 Mitsubishi Champ that has covered 130,000 km but its condition is very good. I would like to sell this car. How much would I get?

You wonít get more than Bt75,000 to Bt80,000 if you sell it to a used car or truck dealer, but the condition must be really good. If you are patient and sell to a direct buyer, then you can raise the price up to Bt120,000. If the potential buyer bargains for Bt100,000 you should sell it. If the body is good with no rust, it is a nice car because parts are cheap and the engine is very economical.

After buying the truck I want to install a roof over the bed. Which is better Ė the fibreglass Carryboy or steel Sammitr?

Fibreglass roofs are light and look better thanks to a moulding process. There are several brands in the market that are very popular. Steel roofs are stronger and can help reduce damage if the truck overturns. The shade of the paint also matches the body and stays good for a long time compared to fibreglass roofs.

The extra weight may result in increased fuel consumption, but it is so small you can't measure it. Another advantage of steel roofs is that you can mount a roof rack on top.

However, when parked under direct sunlight, the roof gets very hot and if you have an extra air-conditioner at the rear, it will be forced to work harder than with a fiberglass roof.

About the author:
Suwan K. is a manager of car online info - car online , car online info website devoted to the used truck - car sale or news and information on Internet.

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