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  • MMA welterweight fighter excited for match near Laurinburg home - Laurinburg Exchange
    MMA welterweight fighter excited for match near Laurinburg homeLaurinburg ExchangeLAURINBURG — Growing up, mixed martial arts fighter Blaine Thomas bounced from place to place, constantly moving because his father worked in the military. Despite living in countless locations and houses, he has always called Laurinburg home.
  • Sports Digest: Lamour to fight MMA vet - Press Herald
    Sports Digest: Lamour to fight MMA vetPress HeraldAlmeida, a native of Brazil now living in Massachusetts, has a 16-5 MMA record but is 0-4 as a fighter. He is a late sub for John Hutchinson of South Boston (5-2-1), who withdrew because of injury. Lamour, the Deering High graduate who trains at the ...
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    Slate Magazine (blog)Gina Carano's talks with UFC 'getting close'MMA FightingThis potential move has divided the MMA community between those who point out that Carano would leapfrog ranked contenders despite being five years removed from her most recent fight, and those who believe such concerns are overridden by the fact the ...Ronda Rousey M
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    MMAjunkie.comNAC hearing was full of gonzo fate-slinging funMMA FightingWell, Vitor Belfort has been granted his license to fight again by the Nevada Athletic Commission, and the fog that has surrounded him for so long has finally begun to lift. He can fight again, provided he plays along with some enhanced rules, which he ...Failed test leads to title shot
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    Combate Americas Targets Hispanic MMA FansForbesTapping into the large Hispanic following of MMA is newcomer Combate Americas, a comptitiion reality television MMA show currently in its premiere season on Mun2., with the “Mun” derived from Telemundo, the NBC Universal Spanish language network.
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    Former Atlantic wrestler Pressley ready for pro MMA debutDaytona Beach News-JournalFormer Atlantic wrestler Jay Pressley, pictured throwing a strike against Ryan Favale at Breakthrough MMA: Night of Champions, has moved to Milwaukee and has been training at famed Roufusport Mixed Martial Arts Academy. Pressley will make his pro ...
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    MMAjunkie.comRobbie Lawler vs. Matt Brown, and a history of MMA slugfestsMMAjunkie.comIt's a funny how, for a sport that prides itself on the wide array of skills it requires, MMA still prizes a good old-fashioned slugfest above all else. There's a certain simplistic beauty to it, something brutal yet instantly relatable. As former UFC ...UFC Fight
  • Signal to Noise: UFC Fight Night 46's best and worst - MMA Fighting to Noise: UFC Fight Night 46's best and worstMMA FightingI hesitate to be overly exact with comparisons, but UFC Fight Night 46 far exceeded what typical UFC events do on Fox Sports 1 in terms of driving traffic to MMA sites. In fact, it matched something approximately at the very low end of what a UFC pay ...UFC Fight Night Dublin: 6
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    MMAFrenzy.comThe MMA Hour with Anthony Pettis, Dominick Cruz, Dustin Poirier, Paul Daley ...MMA Fighting3:25 p.m. -- We'll answer your #themmahour questions on anything and everything going on in the MMA world. Hit us up on Twitter using that hash tag, leave a question in the comments section below. Plus, we'll be taking your calls on anything and 

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Throughout UFC history, there have been a multitude of champions. Some have been absolutely dominant champions, while some have lost the title in their first attempted defense. Even worse, some have lost the title without even attempting to defend it.

Today’s MMA features many new champions, and believe it or not, Jon Jones is currently the longest-reigning champion in the UFC. With many new champions dominating their divisions, it can be hard to compare them to past dominant champions.

This list will attempt to rank the 10 greatest UFC champions of all time, while considering their number of titles held, number of title defenses, the quality of their opposition as well as their performance against that opposition.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top-10 greatest UFC champions of all time.

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UFC featherweight Conor McGregor discusses his UFC Fight Night 46 main event win over Diego Brandao, pushing Lorenzo Fertitta to do a stadium show in Ireland, how the Irish did at the event, why beating Brandao at the O2 in the way he did was the best moment of his life and more.

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It’s no secret that Dana White is a big Ronda Rousey supporter. On Friday, he took his praise for the UFC women’s bantamweight queen to a new level.

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It seems rematches have become more and more common in MMA.


Because rivalries sell in combat sports. Had it not been for the bad blood between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate, women’s MMA probably wouldn’t be where it is today. A recent grudge between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen also helped MMA skyrocket in popularity in Brazil.

More than animosity is needed to make a great rivalry, though. If an unproven prospect starts throwing verbal jabs at Jon Jones, that alone isn’t going to get them a shot at the light heavyweight champion.

Based on entertainment value, participant competitiveness and lasting impact on MMA, here are the 10 greatest rivalries the sport has ever seen.


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All MMA fighters find themselves behind at one point or another.

Even active UFC legend Anderson Silva has had to come back to get his hand raised in multiple fights. And he’s far from the only champion who has had to dig his way out of a hole in the clutch.

In MMA, either fighter can end a bout at any time regardless of what has occurred throughout the contest. That is one of many things that has helped the sport grow so quickly in popularity.

With that in mind, here are the 10 greatest come-from-behind wins in UFC history. 

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It’s no secret that Nick and Nate Diaz are among the most discussed people in MMA. They’re either loved or hated, sometimes misunderstood and always good for a headline.

Few people in the sport are as capable as the boys from Stockton, California, are at getting their name out there and gaining some attention for a fight (or for not fighting, for that matter) or for wild stories about things that happen away from the cage.

With both brothers presently in states of semi-retirement, now is as good a time as any to look back over the past decade of Diaz and ponder some of the brothers’ greatest hits in the sport.

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Soa Palelei knocks out Pat Barry in a UFC bout in December 2013. (Getty Images)

Pat Barry and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira are getting knocked out regularly, but it’s up to them to decide when enough is enough. Let’s hope they retain the ability to effectively make that call.

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We’ve come to expect a certain amount of puffery in the fight game.

With pay-per-views to be sold and arenas to fill up, you can’t blame an enterprising MMA promoter for wanting to tell a good story—even if it isn’t totally grounded in reality.

Such has been the case during the lead up to Saturday’s UFC 172, when the industry’s best spin doctors have been out in force to prop up Glover Teixeira as light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ most dangerous opponent yet.

Certainly, Teixeira is a capable, heavy-handed competitor who has rightfully earned his spot as No. 1 contender. He could absolutely defeat Jones if he can load up and catch the champion slipping with a big shot. Through five Octagon appearances against mostly middling talent though, Teixeira just hasn’t shown the skills to justify the hyperbole currently being heaped at his feet.

Take for example the final round of commercials for this fight, which aired in heavy rotation during last weekend’s UFC on Fox 11.

“Jon Jones’ title may be in jeopardy!” crows the Joe Rogan voiceover as the camera pans menacingly across Teixeira’s face. “That might be the greatest title fight in the history of the light heavyweight division!” it hollers as Jones slow-motion runs through the Octagon’ s gate, Teixeira bouncing on his toes in the opposite corner.

The 30-second spot is slickly crafted and effective in establishing Jones-Teixeira as an epic clash we won’t want to miss.

The problem is that most of Rogan’s quotes sound suspiciously like things he said during last September’s UFC 165, when he wasn’t talking about Teixeira at all, but rather Alexander Gustafsson.

While it’s not exactly a newsflash that fans should be wary of getting their information about a fight from the commercials, this seems like an especially weird and audacious editing decision. Trying to sell Teixeira as Jones’ biggest challenge by using quotes about Gustafsson? That sort of undermines the whole point, doesn’t it?

Even by today’s permissive standards, it casts the sales pitch for this fight about as far out of context as you can get.

UFC commentators haven’t been any less over the top when actually talking about Teixeira either.

“He has been nothing short of spectacular,” said Rogan during last weekend’s broadcast. “A lot of people think he may be the greatest challenge Jon Jones has ever faced.”

Spectacular? Maybe.

But Jon Jones’ greatest challenge? That’s a stretch.

We know Teixeira is good, having watched him dispatch most of the fighters he’s faced in the UFC in expeditious and effective fashion. But considering that during 2011-12, Jones defeated five consecutive former light heavyweight champions with the composure and ease of a man taking his dog for a walk, it’s safe to say he’s faced more imposing obstacles.

Lyoto Machida? Rashad Evans? Shogun Rua? Those were challenges. Hard to see how Teixeira stacks up to any of them.

For his part, the 34-year-old Brazilian has fought mostly also-rans since arriving in the UFC in 2012. He began his Octagon tenure by blitzing Kyle Kingsbury, Fabio Maldonado and James Te Huna as well as taking a unanimous decision win from Quinton Jackson during Rampage’s listless final appearance in the promotion.

His most competitive fight to date came against Ryan Bader in front of a partisan crowd in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, last September. In that fight Bader had him badly hurt before, in his haste to get the finish, he dropped his hands and allowed Teixeira to floor him with a counter.

In reality, lists Teixeira (as of this writing) as something approaching a 5-to-1 underdog against Jones, which him puts him about on par danger-wise with previous opponents like Evans, Machida and Jackson. UFC President Dana White has scoffed at that number, but if anything it seems like a fairly reasonable adjustment after oddsmakers so badly misjudged Gustafsson last year.

Fightland’s Jack Slack this week authored a convincing piece on exactly how one-dimensional Teixeira has been during his UFC career. He’s powerful, sure, but he’s relied largely on the same single-leg takedown to initiate his grappling and a repetitive cross-counter right hand to spearhead his punching combinations.

“The single strategy which Teixeira utilizes non-stop in the cage is the cross counter…,” Slack wrote. “And it’s not even that Teixeira is a one sided puncher—he can smoke guys’ boots with his left hook just as he can with his right—but he only ever throws his left after he has thrown that looping right.”

Throughout his three-minute fight against Bader, Slack wrote, Teixeira exclusively led with the cross counter, and the American nearly made him pay for his predictability. Against Jones—a much larger, rangier fighter with a well-documented obsession for scouting his opponents—this seems like a recipe for disaster.

None of it means Teixeira isn’t capable of surprising us, but it’s also hard to believe he’ll show up at UFC 172 a whole new man. He’ll still be dangerous, but if anything is a sure bet, it’s that Jones will be impeccably prepared to defend against his favorite tools.

With that in mind, it’s pretty hard to frame Teixeira as Jones’ most difficult test.

The real story of this fight is a different one. During the last four years, Jones systematically dismantled the old-guard of the light heavyweight division. He did so with such effortlessness that we thought he might never be beaten. Then, against Gustafsson—his first clash with the 205-pound class’ new wave—he let down and nearly lost the title.

Now comes Teixeira, a fearsome contender who could put Jones to sleep if the champion makes the mistake of taking him as lightly as his camp now claims he took Gustafsson. He’s a guy Jones should beat and now he absolutely must in order to rekindle our faith in him as the greatest fighter of his generation.

Why not just run with that? Why let the pre-fight hype stray so far from the facts? Why set expectations the product likely can’t reach?

Granted, it will be great if Jones vs. Teixeira turns into a fight for the ages.

If it doesn’t, the story we were told leading up will be immediately forgotten. Jones will be on to a late-summer rematch with Gustafsson, then he’ll scrap with the winner of UFC 173’s title eliminator between Daniel Cormier and Dan Henderson. 

After that? There’s no telling.

But, whatever it is, it will no doubt be his biggest, most dangerous challenge yet.

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The 20 Greatest Wrestling Matches Between Future MMA Stars, Part VIII: 4 & 3
Bloody Elbow
Before they obtained fame in mixed martial arts, many great fighters competed in amateur wrestling. Sometimes, amateur wrestling matches have even featured two future prize fight combatants. Bloody Elbow wrestling specialist Mike Riordan ranks the 20 …

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SAN JOSE, CA - NOVEMBER 19: (L-R) Dan Henderson punches Mauricio

His first fight against Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua ranks highly in many fans’ minds, but Hendo himself didn’t think much of it in the moment.

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  • Matt Brown Is Ready For War
    Matt Brown is ready for war. He is training harder than he ever has before as he prepares for the biggest fight of his life in a #1 contender bout at UFC on FOX 12 on July 26th. He has one game-plan when he steps into the octagon opposite Robbie Lawler: Kill or be killed. Here are some excerpts from that interview he did with The Great MMA Debate Podcast “I
  • Trash-Talk Between Daniel Cormier & Jon Jones Already Heating Up
    During this week's edition of UFC Tonight on FOX Sports 1, top-ranked UFC Light Heavyweight contender Daniel Cormier made his first public comments about his next fight, a title match against Jon Jones at UFC 178 that was just announced today when the news broke that Alexander Gustafsson suffered an injury and had to pull out of the fight. Cormier claim
  • Deal Between Gina Carano, UFC “Getting Close”; Jessica Eye Wants Holly Holm
    It was reported on this week's edition of UFC Tonight on FOX Sports 1 that talks between Gina Carano and UFC executives are "doing a lot better" than they were initially, with Ariel Helwani reporting during the broadcast that a finalized deal between the two sides is "getting close." If Carano signs, UFC President Dana White strongly
  • My Wish List for Scott Coker’s Bellator 2.0
    The germ of this article began by exploring the various ways in which Bellator, under Scott Coker, might be able to differentiate itself as an “even better” alternative to the UFC, that’d be entertaining to casual fans flipping through the channels, endearing to the “hardcore” MMA audience and hopefully, eventually be a profitable property for Viacom. Coming
  • Alexander Gustafsson Injured, Jones vs. Cormier At UFC 178
    UFC announced on Wednesday that Alexander Gustafsson suffered an injury during training and will not be able to compete against UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones in the main event of UFC 178 on September 27th. Undefeated, top-ranked 205-pound contender Daniel Cormier will now step up and face Jones for the title in the new UFC 178 main event. It'
  • Dana White Defends Demetrious Johnson vs. Chris Cariaso Match At UFC 177
    UFC President Dana White is once again going to bat for his Flyweight Champion, addressing the fan reaction to the Demetrious Johnson vs. Chris Cariaso fight scheduled as the co-main event for UFC 177 during the latest edition of "UFC Download." When defending the match during the interview White said, "People are going to [expletive] about De
  • Chael Sonnen Suspended For 2 Years By Nevada Athletic Comission
    Retired UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen was hit with a 2-year suspension from Mixed Martial Arts during his meeting on Wednesday with the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC). In addition to the suspension, Sonnen will be required to pay all fees related to the random drug tests he failed on May 24th and June 5th. He's also expected to work with the NAC to ed
  • Press Release: MMA Rule Proposal Limits Injuries
    Don Bischof sent along the following ... MMA Rule Proposal Limits Injuries ***Fighters Continue to Face Traumatic Brain Injuries*** (Salt Lake City, UT)- A mixed martial arts fighter suffers a traumatic brain injury in almost a third of professional bouts. This rate is far more relative than the rate of such injuries in hockey, football or even boxing. Concu
  • UFC Issues Press Release Confirming “UFC 181: Weidman vs. Belfort” On 12/6
    UFC issued the following on Wednesday after Vitor Belfort's hearing before the Nevada State Athletic Commission: CHRIS WEIDMAN TO DEFEND UFC MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE AGAINST VITOR BELFORT DEC. 6 IN LAS VEGAS UFC® 181: WEIDMAN vs. BELFORT SATURDAY, DEC. 6 – LIVE ON PAY-PER-VIEW MANDALAY BAY EVENTS CENTER Las Vegas – The UFC® announced that former champion Vito
  • Vitor Belfort Reinstated, Will Fight Chris Weidman On December 6th
    Vitor Belfort was granted his fighting license by the Nevada Athletic Commission at a hearing on Wednesday. As per the terms of his license, Belfort cannot compete prior to December, he must fight in Las Vegas for his next bout and is subject to random blood and urine testing no matter where he is. Belfort must also pay for the enhanced testing procedures. F
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