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If you fixate on one particular corner of the MMA fan sphere, it can seem like the sky is always falling. Some terrible injustice or indignity is constantly gripping the sport, harming and embarrassing it and all of its affiliates.

That sentiment spread like hot, molten lava into corners far and wide Monday, though, when the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended Nick Diaz for five years because he failed multiple drug tests for smoking marijuana.

Without using this space to delve too deeply into the rightness or wrongness of the action, we can point to two inalienable facts. First, if Diaz, 32, serves the full suspension, it will effectively end his career. Second, the visceral reaction to the suspension demonstrated Diaz’s continued popularity.

With those two things in mind, it seems like the right time to look back on Diaz’s career to this point. Let us now take a look at the greatest moments in the MMA career of the inimitable Mr. Diaz. Video clips included!

They are ranked based on the nature of the fight, the result and the caliber of opponent.



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