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  • Is Chris Weidman given the credit he is due? It's complicated… - MMA Fighting
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    MMA KanvasDonald Cerrone vs. John Makdessi full fight video highlightsMMA FightingUFC 187: Johnson vs. Cormier took place May 23, 2015 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lightweight contender Donald Cerrone (28-6, 1 NC) looked to secure his title shot with a win over injury replacement John Makdessi (13-4) on ...Donald Cerrone up […]
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In an MMA landscape populated by over-puffed chests and disingenuous verbal barbs, there’s something refreshing about UFC heavyweight Mark “The Super Samoan” Hunt. 

The 41-year-old striker from New Zealand is a beautiful contradiction of power and restraint, of confidence and modesty. To see him on the street, with his dyed hair and his intricate tattoos from his neck to his ankles, you may peg him for an artist or a musician. His appearance is colorful—literally—and you expect that bravado which permeates the MMA world to gush from the levee when he opens his mouth. 

But it doesn’t. 

Instead, you get the words of an honest, humble man, a man who has forged a 25-year professional fighting career from scratch and who knows he is fortunate to be where he is today. 

He’s thankful and respectful inside and outside the cage—his walk-off knockouts are a testament to the former—and he filters the funk from the substance with apparent ease.

Heading into his UFC Fight Night 65 bout against Stipe Miocic May 9 in Adelaide, Australia, Hunt is in prime form. He has a full training camp behind him, and he’s ready to work his way back into the heavyweight title picture. 

“I want to be the world champion,” Hunt told Bleacher Report. “I want to at least fight for the world title again, you know? Things like this are motivation for me, and I look forward to them.” 

Rewind the tape of Hunt’s fighting career to the beginning, and mentions of a world title would seem delusional at best. The Kiwi kickboxer didn’t find fighting so much as fighting found him, and one particular scrap outside a night club changed his future forever. 

As the story goes, Hunt knocked out multiple people outside a club shortly after being released from jail for the second time in Auckland, New Zealand. An onlooker noticed Hunt’s power and potential and invited him to compete in an upcoming muay thai bout taking place right there at the scene of the brawl.

Hunt had four days to train. 

“I’m someone who doesn’t have a pedigree in any martial art…I was outside a club on that occasion and that’s how I started fighting,” Hunt said. “The next week I was inside the same club fighting a muay thai fight. You know, 25 years later on, I’m still competing, I’ve already won my world title in my chosen sport and now I’m chasing another dream in another different sport…It’s just crazy to think. But this story is true, mate.” 

Twenty-five years later, Hunt is the No. 5-ranked fighter in the heavyweight division of the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization. He will serve as the main event close to home in Adelaide Saturday evening when he takes on Miocic, and he’s not overthinking things heading into this crucial bout. 

Fighting, to him, was simple when it started—he relied on his instincts and natural power outside the club—and it remains simple today as he faces the highest-level fighters in the world. 

Fighting’s simple, man: If I can rock this guy, if I can put a lot more hits on this guy than he puts on me, then I’ve won,” Hunt said. “My game plan is simple all the time: If I can whoop your ass before you whoop my ass, then you’re done. That’s basically it. I’m not trying to be arrogant. That’s just the way things work.”

What’s not so simple, though, is maintaining the confidence and drive to move forward, especially in a volatile sport like MMA that frequently tosses fighters to the mud without warning. 

While Hunt is currently beloved by fans across the globe for his personable demeanor and fan-friendly fighting style, The Super Samoan’s stock was not always so high.

“Oh, yeah, everybody loves Mark Hunt,” Hunt said. “People just love the stories…They didn’t love me when I was frickin‘ losing. When you lose, it’s, ‘That Mark Hunt, he’s a piece of s–t.’ That’s just life and the way things are. I accept all this. I accepted it a long time ago.”

Hunt had to confront these sentiments head-on when he joined the UFC. He came into the Octagon on a five-fight losing streak, and matters only got worse from there.

In his debut at UFC 119, he was submitted by heavyweight journeyman Sean McCorkle in the first round, leaving him with seemingly nowhere to go. The UFC reluctantly absorbed his contract after buying Pride in 2007, and now it was stuck with a one-dimensional, washed-up kickboxer on a six-fight losing streak. 

Hunt, however, knew this wasn’t the case. He didn’t dwell on the past. That was done. His losses were marked, and he’d have to move on. 

“If I worried what everyone else was thinking, man, I’d still be in bed. The only [things] that matter to me [are] what my family thinks and that I can provide for them—that’s what matters to me,” Hunt said. “It’s not an easy thing to lose all the time or to come off losses, especially after coming off six losses in a row when you’re building yourself up all the time then people say, ‘You’re not s—t,’ you know? 

“I’ll shake it off. I’ll restart what I’m doing. I’ll refocus, then I go at it again. If I fall over in a hole, I’m not going to sit in the f—–g hole. I’m going to get out of the f—–g hole. I’m not going to sit in there. In fighting, it’s the same thing. Exactly like life. It’s all the same. You fall down, you get back up.”

Presently, Hunt stands among the best in the game, and he hasn’t just stood back up—he’s risen to his feet and then climbed the ladder in MMA’s deepest heavyweight division, where he can presently see the glint of gold ahead. 

A win over Miocic may net Hunt the opportunity to challenge for the UFC heavyweight championship, perhaps later this year at UFC 193 in Australia, and The Super Samaon would greet the opportunity with excitement and pride. 

“It’d mean everything to me [to win the UFC championship],” Hunt said. “It’d mean everything to this side of the world, being the first guy to do it. For my career, I’m the only K-1 fighter outside of Europe that’s ever won it from this side of the world, and I want to do the same thing for the UFC, to be one of the first fighters to win it. It’s good news for Mark Hunt the fighter.

“Fighting at home is like, you know, you’re not going to beat me on an easy basis in my backyard. There’s no way. He’s going to have his work cut out for him coming to Adelaide, will Stipe.”

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UFC President Dana White has admitted Jon Jones has “got some work to do” after being suspended by the organisation for his part in an alleged hit-and-run accident that left a pregnant woman with a broken arm, as reported by Luke Augustus of MailOnline.

Jones was stripped of his light heavyweight title and indefinitely suspended after turning himself in to police, per Brett Okamoto of ESPN.com. White told ESPN’s SportsNation (h/t Shaun Al-Shatti of MMAFighting.com) that Jones needs to seriously knuckle down if he’s going to make a return:

A lot of people know, Jon’s had a lot of chances. This one was his last chance. He’s got to handle his business outside of the Octagon and then we’ll see where he goes from there.

Obviously he’s one of our biggest stars. He was on his way to becoming one of the greatest ever, and he’s got some legal problems he’s got to deal with now. So we suspended him, stripped him of the title, and he’s got some work to do outside of the sport. Then we’ll decide when he comes back.

As reported by MMAWeekly.com (h/t Yahoo Sports), drugs were allegedly found in the fighter’s car: “But more than just being involved in the accident, Jones was said to have fled the scene with a ‘large handful of cash,’ leaving behind marijuana paraphernalia with marijuana in it.”

Jones was ranked the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC before his suspension and has been removed from the listings. His May 23 title defence against Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has been cancelled, with the No. 1 contender now lining up to face Daniel Cormier for the interim belt, as confirmed by White on Fox Sports Live (h/t Mike Bohn and Matt Erickson of MMAJunkie.com).

Former light heavyweight competitor Chael Sonnen believes White’s decision to leave the door open is incorrect.

He spoke to Tatame (h/t Lucas Rezende of Bloody Elbow) and suggested a permanent expulsion should be put in place; otherwise, there was no point in acting at all.

Taking away his belt was one of the options on the table, but I don’t think it was well thought through,” said Sonnen. “What will they do to Jon Jones now? Put him on preliminary cards? It’s weird. You either cut the guy completely or shut up.”

Jones’ camp remains quiet, per UFC Tonight:

It’s unlikely the UFC will pair Jones with a much weaker opponent if he does return. In fact, the organisation could benefit from his reappearance somewhere down the line. If Jones misses a significant amount of time, many fans will be excited to see him step into the octagon once more.

Having won 12 straight before being suspended, per ESPN.com, Jones would likely work himself back into title contention quickly. His situation poses a real dilemma for the UFC, especially as the organisation is moving forward with stricter drug-testing regulations and punishments.

Although Jones’ alleged crime doesn’t necessarily fall into this category, taking a lenient approach could show weakness on the UFC’s part. Permanently cutting a huge moneymaker such as Jones would provide a warning that nobody is bigger than the company, but White seems committed to giving Jones an opportunity to work through his issues.

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Now former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been stripped of his title and suspended indefinitely. Daniel Cormier will fight Anthony Johnson at UFC 187 for the title. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is Saturday. We’ll talk about all of these things on today’s Promotional Malpractice Live Chat, episode 136 with Luke Thomas.

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On Saturday night, the UFC held a pay-per-view in Montreal that featured a main card with a championship fight and a couple notable names from MMA‘s past and present. It was an unanticipated card that turned out to be a good one, much to the surprise of fans.

While Demetrious Johnson and Kyoji Horiguchi were the headliners for their championship status, it was names like “Rampage Jackson” and “Michael Bisping” that figured to be the biggest on the card. Those fights seemingly had the most attention, which was thought to bring in most of the views.

That said, the main card also featured a young Brazilian who is set to make waves in the bantamweight division. That man is Thomas Almeida, and he is just one of the many young bantamweights the UFC currently has who makes the division the one to watch in the future.

Almeida, just 23 years old, is undefeated at 19-0. He threw himself in the 135-pound fray with his performance Saturday night, as he knocked out respected WEC and UFC veteran Yves Jabouin in under a round.

That performance, coupled with the recent outings of many of the young UFC fighters, shows that the bantamweight division is the division of the future.

Right now, we have a young champion who is one of the most improved fighters in the UFC by the name of T.J. Dillashaw. He has another young counterpart who is a big rival right now in Renan Barao, the man Dillashaw took the title from and has a rematch against already.

In the wings of it all, old-timers like Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber are still in the division and contenders in their own right. Most of the fighters in the top 10 are veterans of the division and represent the “old guard,” but the UFC has a ton of young guys who will make the division among the most competitive the company has.

Obviously, one of those guys is Almeida. He is young, powerful, exciting and aggressive—characteristics that will surely continue to get him the spotlight.

Then consider UFC on Fox 15, where prodigy Aljamain Sterling got his trademark win by choking out longtime contender Takeya Mizugaki in an incredible performance. Sterling is certainly a contender now, but he is still young and gaining experience as an undefeated prospect.

Also, Chris Holdsworth, a teammate of Dillashaw, has already pushed his stock up, though injuries have hampered some of his progress. He dominated The Ultimate Fighter 18, where he was the season champion, and he hasn’t looked back since.

We could go on all day about the numerous up-and-coming fighters, but there are almost too many to name. Some of the young and talented future contenders putting their names on the map are Cody Garbrandt, Frankie Saenz, Rob Font, Pedro Munhoz and Mitch Gagnon, among others.

Almeida‘s win on Saturday, coupled with Sterling’s win the weekend before, definitely signals things to come for the 135-pound division. There is a murderers’ row of fighters waiting in the helm to take over and make it a division the UFC can really get behind.

It’s certainly the most underrated division in the UFC and one that’s only growing with talent and prospects as we speak.

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MMA Kanvas
Rampage Jackson's UFC future still cloudy despite ruling
MMA Fighting
Quinton Jackson is in the middle of one of the oddest promotional and contractual disputes in modern MMA. First, he signs with UFC despite Bellator claiming he's still under contract with them. Second, a court stops Rampage from competing at a
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'Rampage' Jackson Back on UFC 186 After Judge Reverses Bellator InjunctionSherdog.com
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Just days before UFC 186, Michael Bisping sat down with us to reflect on his memorable journey in mixed martial arts, the highs and lows, his future, and much more.

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Rashad Evans has forged a remarkable career in mixed martial arts, but it hasn’t been one free of hardship and adversity. In some ways, even in times of success, there have always been twists and turns, but Evans has always found a way to endure and absorb the lessons at hand. 

Despite winning the second installment of The Ultimate Fighter as a heavyweight, “Suga” found himself on the opposite end of fan appreciation as he made his way up the ranks of the 205-pound division. The Chicago transplant became the fighter fans loved to hate, and never was that dynamic more obvious than when he was paired against light heavyweight legend Chuck Liddell at UFC 88 in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The Iceman,” who was fresh off an action-packed tilt with Wanderlei Silva, was supposed to be on the road back to reclaiming his title, but a swift and devastating counter right hand demolished those plans in one rapid-fire moment. It was one vicious shot that passed the torch in an unforgettable fashion.

Evans would go on to win the light heavyweight title, then drop it in his next outing and spend the next three years working his way back to another title shot. While that eventually came against former friend turned rival Jon Jones at UFC 145 in 2012, it was originally slated to happen a year prior against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. It was a turn that created a tremendous rift between Evans and his longtime camp at Jackson/Winkeljohn’s in Albuquerque, as Jones stepped up to replace an injured Evans and defeated the former Pride standout to become the youngest light heavyweight champion in UFC history.

Yet, despite his split from Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn and dropping a unanimous decision to Jones in Atlanta, Evans carried on. While he’s never hesitated to admit that there was a great deal of personal baggage the bout with Jones put on his shoulders, the 36-year-old contender has also never lacked perseverance. Evans would go on to win his next two outings until a knee injury forced him out of his showdown with Daniel Cormier at UFC 170 and it is an affliction that still lingers to this day.

While he’s been linked to several other matchups over the past year, Evans’ knee still hasn’t returned to form. Even though his layoff has undoubtedly come with frustration, Evans has kept his emotions in check. He knows he still has a lot to offer inside the Octagon, and he’s patiently waiting for his chance to explode back onto the light heavyweight scene he helped to build.

“I’ve had to be really patient about things because I have to let everything heal correctly, but I’m really looking forward to getting back in there to fight,” Evans told Bleacher Report. “My passion to compete is hotter than ever. I look at everything that happens in life and there is always a lesson to be learned. It may be hard and difficult to understand at first, but the lesson and message is always going to be there to be found. From this whole thing I’ve gone through I’ve learned a better appreciation for the sport.

“Sometimes you are involved in something for so long you start to kind of take things for granted. You just go through the motions. I think this break in my career and the time off I’ve had has helped me get back to the why…Why do I do this? Why did I start this in the first place? And that has helped me appreciate my career and regain the love I had for MMA when I first got started. 

“Having a lot of time to think about fighting in life the way I’ve had can be a great thing,” he added. “You can really examine the highs and lows and being in this position has opened my mind up in a way that wouldn’t have happened had the injury not happened when it did.”

While parting ways from the camp and team with whom he rose through the ranks wasn’t an easy decision to make, it was also the first step Evans took toward creating an entirely new faction in Boca Raton, Florida. Although there wasn’t a concrete name for the collective in the early days of the team that was forming around Evans, the Blackzilians moniker would arise and stick from there on out.

In the three years since the Blackzilians were founded by Evans and Glenn Robinson, the squad has grown to become one of the most dominant forces in MMA. The team boasts current title challengers Anthony Johnson and Vitor Belfort and a collection of notable talents that includes lightweights Michael Johnson, former Bellator champion Eddie Alvarez and surging grappling phenom Gilbert Burns. In addition to the most recognizable names on the team, the faction consists of battle-hungry athletes waiting for their opportunities to break through.

Some of these fighters will be on display when the current season of The Ultimate Fighter: American Top Team vs. Blackzilians airs Wednesday nights on Fox Sports 1. Rather than put a collection of fighters in one house, all vying for the coveted six-figure contract, this season will pit two of the most prominent MMA teams in South Florida against one another. As the Blackzilians‘ front man, Evans’ role further allowed him to appreciate a major contribution he’s made to the sport he loves.

Therefore, in what hardship and friction started, Evans has yet again forged a positive out of a grim situation.

“When you stay patient and keep on track, the great things are going to come to you. This team was formed out of hardship and from an unfortunate situation. I didn’t know how it was going to turn out and it turned out as a huge blessing. I couldn’t be happier. Then, to be on The Ultimate Fighter again, but to be doing a season that is the first of its kind, is amazing.  

“Man, I feel so great about this team and what’s going on at our gym. That’s one of those things I look at when I think about what I’ve accomplished and my impact in this sport. I was a big part of starting one of the best teams in the world. We are one of the best teams in the whole entire world and that’s a tremendous feeling. It’s kind of hard to believe at times, but it was just a collection of great things happening at one time. Great things continue to happen for us and everyone is still working together same as it was at the beginning. 

“I’m excited for everything that is happening and all of the things the future holds because I can tell you right now my mind has never been so motivated and hungry to get back in there and compete.”


Duane Finley is a featured columnist for Bleacher Report. All quotes are obtained firsthand unless noted otherwise.

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UFC on FOX 15: Luke Rockhold vs. Lyoto Machida is Saturday. We’ll preview it and the entire fight card. We’ll also discuss WSOF 20, Bellator 136, UFC Fight Night 64 as well as Nate Diaz’s future and much more. This is episode 134 of the Promotional Malpractice Live Chat with Luke Thomas.

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Jamie Varner stops by to discuss the retired MMA fighter life.

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Jamie Varner 'scared' of future after suffering more than 30 concussions in career
MMA Fighting
"I had no idea," Varner told Ariel Helwani on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour. "I felt like I was in a perpetual state of just constant migraines. I knew it was from sparring, but I thought it was OK. I thought it was normal and that's what we have to

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  • Frank Trigg Makes Strong Comments About Jon Jones, Talks UFC Hall Of Fame Induction
    Former UFC title contender Frank Trigg recently had some strong comments to make about the Jon Jones situation. "Twinkle Toes" Trigg spoke with Submission Radio and offered the following comments about Jones. "People have to stop making excuses for this guy and feeling sorry for this guy. I feel sorry for his Mom and Dad. […]
  • Main Event, Co-Main Event Announced For UFC’s First Ever Event In Scotland
    UFC announced on Monday the main event for their debut show in Scotland. Longtime UFC veteran Michael Bisping will headline his ninth UFC event, as he and Thales Leites will fight in the main event at the show, which will take place at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, and will air live on FOX Sports […]
  • Anderson Silva: “I’m Tired Of Listening To Lies And False Accusations”
    As he continues to await a date for his hearing with the Nevada Athletic Commission, former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva is starting to get frustrated with feedback he has been hearing as of late. "The Spider" took to social media recently, venting frustration about "lies and false accusations" he has been reading regarding his […]
  • Video: Dana White Torn On Who Will Challenge Chris Weidman Next
    UFC President Dana White doesn't seem too sure who will be challenging Chris Weidman for the UFC Middleweight Championship in his next fight, although he has narrowed it down to two contenders. When speaking with FOX Sports' Ariel Helwani and UFC's Megan Olivi, White gave different takes on who might be next for Weidman. "It […]
  • Ronda Rousey Talks To WWE.com About Her Future In WWE
    UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey recently spoke with WWE's official website about her WrestleMania experience and rumors of doing more work with the company in the future. Below are some highlights from the interview: On what a chapter in a book on her WrestleMania debut would look like: "I don't know. I guess it'll […]
  • Video: Cormier, Bader Nearly Come To Blows At UFC 187 Post-Fight Presser
    Although the UFC 187 card was full of exciting fights on Saturday night, the best fight of the evening nearly came to fruition at the post-fight press conference immediately after the event. Daniel Cormier, who was celebrating his victory over Anthony Johnson in the main event of the show, a win that earned him the […]
  • B.J. Penn Announced As Final UFC Hall Of Fame Inductee For 2015 Class
    UFC has announced the final inductee for the 2015 class of this year's UFC Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. Former two-division champion (Lightweight, Welterweight) B.J. Penn will join Bas Rutten, Jeff Blatnick and the UFC 52 bout between Matt Hughes and Frank Trigg as this year's inductees. Penn will be joining the UFC Hall Of […]
  • Former WWE Superstar Denies Rumors Of Being Offered Kickboxing Bout With Bill Goldberg
    Earlier this year, Bill Goldberg made headlines in the MMA world for claiming he was offered a kickboxing bout against fellow former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio. Well, Del Rio is claiming otherwise. Del Rio, now known as Alberto El Patron on the pro wrestling circuit, is denying that he was ever offered a bout […]
  • UFC 187 Results – D.C. Crowned New 205-Pound Champ, Weidman Retains Against Belfort
    [tps_header][/tps_header] Welcome to the UFC 187 Results live coverage center. Here we will be providing live, detailed, round-by-round results coverage of the event. Make sure to refresh this page often, as we will provide live results of the event. We will have live, quick-match UFC 187 Results coverage of both the Fight Pass preliminary fights, […]
  • UFC 187 Weigh-In Results (Video Included)
    UFC held the official weigh-ins for Saturday's UFC 187: Johnson vs. Cormier pay-per-view event in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, May 22, 2015. Below are the numbers from the official weigh-ins: MAIN CARD (PPV- 10 PM ET/7 PM PT): - Anthony Johnson (205) vs. Daniel Cormier (205) - Chris Weidman (185) vs. Vitor Belfort (184) […]
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